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5 TIPS to better broadcasting when you're new to online streaming

The world of online streaming has blown up massively in the last 2 years, with multiple apps emerging in your app store and social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube taking full advantages of live video content to engage its users.

I fell into live streaming one day by accidentally downloading a live streaming app… 2 years and 78k+ followers later. I’m now a full time broadcaster and creator! I guess that’s what you call a happy accident! 

I see newly, excited, first time broadcasters quickly turn to despair and sometimes anger when they compare their quiet, non interactive streams to more established broadcasters, that can’t keep up with the conversation.

Have no fear Welsh is here! Here are my top 5 things you can do to help boost your broadcasts.

1. Make Friends not Fans!

One of the first things I notice with a lot of new streamers is the expectation or desire to gain huge numbers of followers in a short amount of time. This really isn’t the case for most of us mere mortals.

When you’re starting out a small, strong group of friends, that will grow with you is far more important than hundreds of fans that rarely come into your broadcast or don’t speak to you at all.

Spend time getting to know the people in your broadcasts. Ask questions such as; What do they enjoy doing? Where do they live? What’s their favourite ice cream? (I actually often open with an ice cream question, who doesn’t love ice cream right!)

Treat your online interactions the same as if you were meeting someone for the first time in real life.


2. Be A Viewer

One of the quickest ways to make friends on live streaming apps is to “be a viewer”. Get out there and see who else is online that you can relate to and enjoy their broadcasts.

If you find someone you like let them know! Compliments really encourage a broadcaster and make them feel like they’re doing a good job, after all everyone can be a little self-conscious sometimes, especially when there’s a camera on you!

Making friends as a viewer can often mean, that person will also come to see you in your broadcasts! Another bonus is that you get to see how others are using the app to inspire your own content. Remember “friends not fans!”


3. Remember Peoples Names

Once you’ve made a friend in either your own broadcast or theirs, a really simple way to show them you care is to remember their name! This may sound really obvious but being bombarded with hundreds of names and usernames online can very easily leave you forgetting who is who.

Making the effort to remember someone’s name and something about them wont go unnoticed. It can really help build friendships that last longer and spark great conversations. 


4. Have Fun, Be Passionate!

If you’re not enjoying yourself, you will very quickly be figured out by others. Do something you love and enjoy doing!

Do you love singing? strumming? painting? crafting?, or maybe even some white water rafting? Okay, maybe don’t take your phone over a waterfall unless it can swim. If you have something you’re passionate about, others will be passionate about you! You become much more relatable as a broadcaster and more importantly a human being.

Remember: “If you’re wearing a frown it’s time to put your phone down”.

5. Be Yourself

Another seemingly obvious and cliché point, but in my eyes it’s one of the most important. People invest their time in you and only you. Taking inspiration from other broadcasters is great and will help ideas form for your own content, but don’t fall into the trap of doing exactly the same as they are… that position is already filled. Using elements you like best and adding your own twist is a great way to be unique and stand out a little more!

So that’s my top 5 suggestions for if youre new to broadcasting on apps or social media sites! If you found this article useful or have anything you’d add to the list, let me know, below.
Peace for now, Welshy!