Hey Guys! I am Jamie, I am the Welsh One, Trust Me I Am Welsh.

First of all thanks for taking time to check out this page its super appreciated!

So what is this? I have the super exciting news that I’ve been selected to play on the Uplive Stage in this years “playlist event” in Orlando Florida! In March


For anyone that doesn’t know, I am a musician that makes songs from looping and mashups! I take bits of sounds, loop them and layer them to make songs from them… And I also sometimes sing about strangers moms. This is going to be the biggest event I’ve played at, and there are so many of you I cant wait to meet. Playlist runs over 3 days and brings together online creators and their biggest supporters for a weekend of fun and activities. 

So where do you come in?

This trip is going to be really pricey for me to attend all the way from the UK and so I’m turning to you lovely people for any support you can give.

As a thank you and to show my appreciation to anyone that gifts into the gig bag I’ll be sending you an email with a download link to my brand new studio piano recording of River Flows In You. Which sounds a bit like this. 
So a massive thank you for stopping by, I cant wait to see everyone soon one way or another.

I hope you have a great day

Bye Guys!!